Blog3 - Earn Money at Home with these Top 12 Online Jobs Career Virtual 

Earn Money at Home with these Top 12 Online Jobs

The internet is created for so many reasons – research, communication, education, marketing, and business. But apart from that, there is a pool of opportunities found on the internet that can help you earn money. You just have to be equipped with certain skills to perform various tasks. Most especially, you have to own a competent computer and a reliable internet connection. So if you have spare time, you can try working at home with a wide variety of online jobs. You can opt to work for part-time or full-time….

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Blogg - How Technology Has Changed Business Forever Business Virtual 

How Technology Has Changed Business Forever

Change is the only thing that is constant in the world. With the rise of technology, everything is not the same as before. It transforms various fields and applications – education, entertainment, healthcare and most especially, business. Business came before civilization. Our early ancestors had done informal businesses and trades before. However, the first recorded corporations began in 1602. The first was named Dutch East India Company and followed by British East India Company. In the 1950s, computers were born. It changed how businesses manage their operations. Instead of large…

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Blog - The Rise and Relevance of Virtual Goods in the Digital World Virtual 

The Rise and Relevance of Virtual Goods in the Digital World

With the advent of technology, everything in the world has changed. It has paved the way to various advancements and improvements in our daily transactions in life, including how to exchange goods. Centuries ago, people can avail goods by means of bartering objects. They can also avail of a product or a service by offering something in return – animals, crops, or service. In early 700 BC, coins were invented which served as the universal embodiment of money. Coins were used to purchase goods and services. Fast forward to the…

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