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Top 20 Fastest-Growing Careers by 2018

Deciding on your career path is one of the most crucial things in life. You have to consider choosing the career of your passion and a career that pays well to support your daily needs.

According to Statista, about 127.35 million people in the United States were employed on a full-time basis. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also reported that the total number of employed Americans will have increased 10.01 percent between 2008 and 2018.

If you are still deciding on what course to take on college or you are considering switching career next year, take a look at these fastest-growing careers by 2018.

Biomedical Engineers

Biomedical engineers develop medical equipment, software and computer systems used in medical facilities. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a biomedical engineer has a median salary of $85,620. To obtain this job, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering.

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Network Systems and Data Communication Analysts

Network systems analysts implement systems that will monitor efficiency and set up networks for businesses. The 2008 median pay for this job was $66,310. Most employers require a bachelor’s degree, although some accept applicants with a two-year degree and ample work experience.

Home Health Aides

Home health aides are responsible for housekeeping and routine services, and most especially they provide elderly care. Since 2008, there are almost 1 million employed health aides. In the 2008 data, home health aides make $21,440 median salary. No high school diploma needed as long as they undergo training and workshop.

Personal and Home Care Aides

They specialize in personal elderly care. Home care aides do not require high school diploma, instead, they need to undergo a formal training. Their median pay in 2008 was $19,690. By 2018, the demand for home care aides is projected to increase by 46%.

Financial Analysts

Also called as financial advisors, financial analysts manage money and provide advice on insurance and investments. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, their median salary is $90,530. The demand for financial advisers will grow over 30% by 2022. A bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance is required in this field.

Medical Scientists

To improve healthcare and biotechnology, medical scientists are in demand since the 1980s. To be part of this field, a Ph.D. in biological sciences is required. In 2008, medical scientists make $75,590 median salary. It is projected that the demand for this job will grow by 40.4% in 2018.

Physician Assistants

Physicians and institutions hire more assistants to provide quality healthcare and to assist medical procedures. Physician assistant should take 2 or 4-year educational programs from academic health centers and medical schools. The median pay in 2008 for this job was $81,230. Since 2008, more than 75,000 physician assistants are employed.

Skin Care Specialists

Skin care specialists work in spas, salons and skin care clinics to provide treatments for the skin to battle against aging and other skin issues. Their median salary is $30,270. A certificate in cosmetology or esthetician program is required.

Biochemists and Biophysicists

Biological scientists take a vital role in the growth of the biotechnology industry. A Ph.D. is required in this field. In 2008, they make at least $54,230. By 2018, projected increase for this job is 37.4%.

Athletic Trainers

Apparently, they train athletes in schools and healthcare institutions. 47 states in the United States require every athletic trainer to be registered or licensed. They also need to complete a 4-year course. Their median pay in 2008 was $39,640.

Occupational Therapist Assistants

They assist licensed therapists in performing therapy plans for illness or injury patients. They need to complete an associate degree from healthcare schools and should be licensed in their respective states. Their median salary is $56,070.

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Computer Software Engineers

They are responsible for creating and designing apps, software and other computer programs. They make a $102,280 median salary. To get in this field, one must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer programming.

Registered Nurses

Nurses work for hospitals, schools, clinics and doctor’s offices, among others. Their median salary is $68,450. Aspirants should finish an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy technicians work for stores, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare offices to distribute prescriptions to customers and health professionals. Their median salary is $30,920. Most states in the U.S. require official certification for pharmacy technicians.

Market Research Analysts

Market research analysts analyze data to predict market trends and understand customer behaviors. They are required to accomplish a bachelor’s degree in marketing or economics. They have a median salary of $62,560.

Environmental Engineering Technicians

With the onset of environmental degradation, these technicians are needed to analyze and design equipment to prevent any types of pollution. They are required to take a degree in environmental engineering technology. Their median salary is $49,170. The demand for this job will grow 10% by 2022.

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Physical Therapist Aides

These aides provide assistance to licensed physical therapists in performing therapy for persons with disabilities or limited functions. Their median pay in 2008 was $46,140. To enter this field, one must have a high school diploma and must undergo training. By 2018, their demand will rise to 36.3%.

Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienists provide assistance to dentists. They can also perform preventive dental care services. In 2008, they have a median pay of $66,570. To become a dental hygienist, one must get a degree from a dental school and must be licensed in their state.

Veterinary Technologists and Assistants

Veterinary technologists design equipment that provides healthcare for animals, whereas assistants aide veterinary doctors. Entry-level veterinary technicians should finish a 2-year associate degree from a school that is accredited by American Veterinary Medical Association. Their median pay in 2008 was $28,900.

Fitness Trainers

Apart from athletic trainers, personal and fitness enthusiasts are also in demand. Fitness trainers conduct fitness classes and provide custom-tailored fitness programs. To become a fitness trainer, one must have a high school diploma and must be physically fit of course. Their median salary is $38,160.

Other in-demand jobs in 2018 include dental assistants, computer applications software engineers, medical assistants, physical therapist assistants, veterinarians, and self-enrichment education teachers.

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