Preparing to negotiate Business Career 

How to Negotiate Your Salary When Joining a Company

Many people only manage to negotiate higher salaries when they change jobs. This is mainly because asking for a raise from your current boss can be tricky and because many work places discourage such initiatives. The situations which keep people from asking for more money at the current job are many and this is only one reason why negotiating a better salary when starting a new job is the safest bet. Especially if you’re attempting to get a job at some of the more progressive companies in the world, like…

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Blog7 - How to Develop Effective Training Programs for Employees Business Career 

How to Develop Effective Training Programs for Employees

Every company has their goals and objectives to achieve at least every quarter of the year. This will help them achieve their target for the success of their business. Of course, in order for a company to operative effectively, they need skilled employees and workers who will work hand-in-hand in reaching the company’s goals. According to Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), small to medium-sized enterprises are composed of less than 250 employees while large enterprises can go up to more than 250 employees. Basically, it is important that…

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Blogg - How Technology Has Changed Business Forever Business Virtual 

How Technology Has Changed Business Forever

Change is the only thing that is constant in the world. With the rise of technology, everything is not the same as before. It transforms various fields and applications – education, entertainment, healthcare and most especially, business. Business came before civilization. Our early ancestors had done informal businesses and trades before. However, the first recorded corporations began in 1602. The first was named Dutch East India Company and followed by British East India Company. In the 1950s, computers were born. It changed how businesses manage their operations. Instead of large…

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