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Perks of Getting Promoted and How to Earn Them

Are you stuck in the same game every day, doing the same tasks and assignments? Do you want to elevate your career and explore more responsibilities? Do you have what it takes to be the next leader? If you answered a big “YES” to all these questions, it’s the perfect time for you to get a promotion.

Based on the study created by LinkedIn, companies all around the world usually provide promotions to their employees during January, July, and September. In the 1990s, 22% of the promotions occurred in January.

According to John P. Millikin, an Arizona State University professor, promotions happen in two forms. One can get promoted to fill in the vacancy in the hierarchy while the other promotion happens when an employee is given a step up in the hierarchy of jobs.

Well, it’s proper to experience working with your current position, but if you think you have developed all the necessary skills and abilities and you think you can be more efficient than your colleagues, then do not hesitate to aim for a promotion.

Why should you aim for a job promotion?

When we say about promotion, it is associated with added work, more responsibilities, and a new environment. But more than these things, there’s a lot of reasons why you should aim for a job promotion.

More job security

If you get promoted to a higher position, then you will earn a stable job security. The positions for promotions are crucial. They require the most skilled and most able candidate. If you earned the promotion, then it will be harder for them to get rid of you.

Increased power

If you get promoted, one of your responsibilities is to supervise the operations of the employees that are under you. It will give you the chance to have control in your decisions that will benefit the subordinates and the company. Of course, you have to be responsible for your duty and power.

Better pay and benefits

Added work and more responsibilities mean higher salary rate and greater benefits and bonuses. Of course, you get what you deserve. Apart from salary raise, you can earn stock options, bonus plans, privileges to travel, a company car and you can render less time of service, among others.

Boost of skills

The most important benefit of getting promoted is the chance to improve yourself and acquire skills that are essential in making greater outputs and becoming efficient and productive at work. Basically, you have to meet the demands of your new duties and responsibilities.


Lastly, you will be happy and satisfied with your new responsibility. It gives you a sense of fulfillment climb one step on the hierarchy of jobs. It makes you feel honored that the company trusts you and gives you a promotion to carry out new tasks.

congrate - Perks of Getting Promoted and How to Earn Them

How to get promoted?

The perks and the benefits are really promising, but the road to promotion is not that easy. Remember, there are dozens of other employees who are vying for the promotion. The perfect candidate wins and gets the spot. You have to work harder in order to achieve the promotion.

Exceed expectations

One way to do a great job is to exceed the expectations of your leaders and your fellow workers. Prove them that you can do more. Excellent performance reviews and reputation qualify for a promotion.

Develop mentoring relationships

According to a study, four out of five persons are being promoted because of forming a mentoring relationship with a key figure in the company who could impart knowledge in improving performance and achieving company goals efficiently.

Be a volunteer

Another way to exceed expectations is to ask for more responsibilities. You can volunteer in helping out other departments and teams. Through this, you can increase your value within the organization.

Always engage

You have to be one with the organization by attending seminars, conferences, parties, and gatherings. The more connected you are with your colleagues, the more they will know about your skills, personality, and your capabilities.

Continue learning

Do not cease learning new things and expanding your skills. The company wants a candidate that is adequately learned and knowledgeable with various tasks and duties. So, if you have spare time, spend it by enrolling in skills development classes or by joining teambuilding activities.

Establish relationship with your boss

Of course, you have to connect with your superior. In order for you to be promoted, your superior shall be aware of your good work and how great you are as an employee. The superior is always the superior. He or she has the final say on all matters, including promotions.

Build your network

Build your network of people. They will help you escalate your position in the organization. The more people who know you, your strengths and abilities, the more chances that your name will be discussed when opportunities arise.

Act and talk professionally

The company wants someone who is professional enough to represent the organization to other companies. Therefore, you should act and talk professionally. This involves dressing professionally, talking smartly, thinking critically and solving problems quickly, among others.

Be a team player

There are many potential candidates along you. Inasmuch as you want to outshine them, always remember that you shall not compete. Be a team player. Help each other. A good leader works cooperatively with his or her members and subordinates for the betterment of the output.

Do not miss work

Obviously, the company needs you every day, so make an impression of being punctual. Do not miss work! Your attendance and presence is a qualification for promotion. Make them know that you are always there when circumstances arise.

Sell yourself

If you have major accomplishments or achievements, be proud of it. Do not hesitate to share it with your colleagues and your direct supervisor. Of course, you should be acknowledged of that. This increases your value in the organization.

Ask for promotion

If you are completely ready and you think you are equipped with the required skills and experiences, ask your boss for a promotion. Discuss with your boss about your intention of acquiring a new position. Tell him or her about your plans for the company and guarantee that you can deliver results.

That’s it! All we hope is that you get the promotion you deserved.

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