Blog10 - Resume and Curriculum Vitae: Here’s What You Need to Know Career 

Resume and Curriculum Vitae: Here’s What You Need to Know

Before you apply for a job, there are two things that you should never forget – a resume and a curriculum vitae. Most employers require you to submit either one of the two or both. They are essential so that the recruiters and the hiring managers will have an idea of your background, skills, and experiences. Resume A resume is a document that provides a summary of an applicant’s qualifications for a particular job. A good resume increased the potential of the applicant to be interviewed. According to experts, only…

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Preparing to negotiate Business Career 

How to Negotiate Your Salary When Joining a Company

Many people only manage to negotiate higher salaries when they change jobs. This is mainly because asking for a raise from your current boss can be tricky and because many work places discourage such initiatives. The situations which keep people from asking for more money at the current job are many and this is only one reason why negotiating a better salary when starting a new job is the safest bet. Especially if you’re attempting to get a job at some of the more progressive companies in the world, like…

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Blog9 - Reasons Affecting your Productivity and How to Be Motivated Career 

Reasons Affecting your Productivity and How to Be Motivated

It’s Monday again! Most of us are having a hard time starting our week by going to work. It feels like a burden to visualize another five days of sitting the whole shift in the office while waiting for Friday night. Some of us are even tired of waking up early in the morning. Well, it’s actually normal. We all get tired at some points of our lives. But it doesn’t mean we need to stop. We just need to find our motivation. Without motivation, we will not be able…

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Blog8 - Perks of Getting Promoted and How to Earn Them Career 

Perks of Getting Promoted and How to Earn Them

Are you stuck in the same game every day, doing the same tasks and assignments? Do you want to elevate your career and explore more responsibilities? Do you have what it takes to be the next leader? If you answered a big “YES” to all these questions, it’s the perfect time for you to get a promotion. Based on the study created by LinkedIn, companies all around the world usually provide promotions to their employees during January, July, and September. In the 1990s, 22% of the promotions occurred in January.…

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Blog7 - How to Develop Effective Training Programs for Employees Business Career 

How to Develop Effective Training Programs for Employees

Every company has their goals and objectives to achieve at least every quarter of the year. This will help them achieve their target for the success of their business. Of course, in order for a company to operative effectively, they need skilled employees and workers who will work hand-in-hand in reaching the company’s goals. According to Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), small to medium-sized enterprises are composed of less than 250 employees while large enterprises can go up to more than 250 employees. Basically, it is important that…

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Blog6 - Top 20 Fastest-Growing Careers by 2018 Career 

Top 20 Fastest-Growing Careers by 2018

Deciding on your career path is one of the most crucial things in life. You have to consider choosing the career of your passion and a career that pays well to support your daily needs. According to Statista, about 127.35 million people in the United States were employed on a full-time basis. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also reported that the total number of employed Americans will have increased 10.01 percent between 2008 and 2018. If you are still deciding on what course to take on college or you are…

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BLog5 - The Basics of Job Hunting and Application Career 

The Basics of Job Hunting and Application

Updated 23rd July 2019 Having a job is essential to meet up the demands of life. It allows us to earn money for us to buy our basic needs. However, getting a job is not easy. It requires skills, degree and other requirements. According to the 2019 report of the World Employment and Social Outlook (WESO) of International Labor Organization, 197.1 million people are unemployed in the world in 2015. In 2016, it increased to almost 200 million. It is also expected to rise by 1.1 million every year. If…

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Blog4 - How to Slay a Job Interview Career 

How to Slay a Job Interview

A job interview is the most crucial stage in the recruitment process for both the applicant and the hiring company. The challenge for the applicant is to ace all the interview questions. On the other hand, the job interview will help the company select the best applicant among the rest. Thanks to lots of years of research and intensive practice, an employer is likely to tell you the classic interview “stumbling block”. Ever wondered if this might be your challenge? It’s time to assess the realities of your job interview…

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Blog3 - Earn Money at Home with these Top 12 Online Jobs Career Virtual 

Earn Money at Home with these Top 12 Online Jobs

The internet is created for so many reasons – research, communication, education, marketing, and business. But apart from that, there is a pool of opportunities found on the internet that can help you earn money. You just have to be equipped with certain skills to perform various tasks. Most especially, you have to own a competent computer and a reliable internet connection. So if you have spare time, you can try working at home with a wide variety of online jobs. You can opt to work for part-time or full-time.…

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